TOP REITER Leatherspray, 500 ml


TOP REITER Leatherspray, 500 ml

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Understatement describes this leather care spray most likely.

Packed in a simple, handy spray bottle, it is hard to imagine how ingenious the TOP REITER Latherspray really is. With this leather washing spray, a saddle can be cleaned effortlessly and intensively within a very short time. Used regularly, the leather stays in perfect shape and provides a long-lasting joy with the saddle.

Simply spray on the leatherspray and wipe with a soft sponge or cloth. If there are any more stubborn dirt, such as heavily dried-on dirt, simply pre-clean with warm water in advance and then wipe with the leatherspray as a finish.

Incidentally, the leather is optimally cared for when it is subsequently greased with our leather care. So it stays supple for a long time.


1 spray bottle contains 500 ml of Leatherspray

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