TOP REITER Philosophy

TOP REITER Philosophy


Horses are our best teachers for natural movement, therefore we are on the wrong track if we are disturbing them in their mobility. The scapula muscles of a horse in action shows us due to the contraction while leaving the ground with the forehand a vast gain.


If the horse feels a interference in the shoulder-movement this directly affects the possibility to reach ground cover. As a result many bad fitting saddles are the reason for problems and issues like tensions, damaged backmuscles and damaged spines.


Therefore we are developing our saddles with the best experience, knowledge and modernest technology, while using direct feedback from best professional riders.

Our TOP REITER Saddles are equipped with our SoftSwing-Saddletree. The steel spring infused into syntetic material makes our saddletree highly flexible and elastic. Because of this the horse gets the maximum range of mobility and the weight of the rider is optimal dispersed to the horse's back. The wide channel and wide panels enable enough reach of play for the swinging horse's back. Especially for short horses, where the hindquarters affect obviously into the position of the saddle, we need a saddle which does not affect the mobility of the horse's back and supports the movement.


But we are not only looking for the perfect inside of our saddles, moreover also the design has to fit to the customer's option and needs.


To fullfil all these criteria we focus on best quality leather and well-known craftmanship. Our qualified eyes for skill and style leave nothing to be desired.