This is how you find the perfect saddle for your horse:


Needed materials:

DIN A3 sheet of paper


Wires (e.g. florist's wire - round about 40 cm long)


At the beginning you will have to take the cross-measure at three different points of your horse's back. Start 3 width of a finger behind the scapula - this is the first cross-measure. Thereafter you are going to take the second and the third cross-measure each with an interval of 15 cm to the previous measure.


(If the horse has a very short back the distance between the three measures has to be taken smaller, so that the saddle won't seat behind the last rib!)


You have to form the wires so, that they are lying across the horses back. Try to avoid any hollows between the horseback and the wires. Adjust the wires as described.


Now you have to transfer the wires to the DIN A3 sheet.

Put the wires, as described in the sketch, on the sheet and transfer the inside of the wires with the pen.


Now you are going to take the length-measure with the fourth wire. The fourth wire has to be placed, as described in the scetch, on the spine. Here you should also try to avoid any hollows between the wire and the horseback, The wire should go beyond the positions of the cross-measure. Afterwards you transfer the wire again to the A3 sheet. Please give all the intervals between the wires in "cm".


Done! Now you can send your sketches together with the documents to us!


You can download all needed documents as a PDF here: