Saddle Information

Saddle Information

Here you can find information regarding our philosophy, our saddletrees, our warranty, the materials we use and many more facts.

TOP REITER Philosophy


Horses are our best teachers for natural movement, therefore we are on the wrong track if we are disturbing them in their mobility. The scapula muscles of a horse in action shows us due to the contraction while leaving the ground with the forehand a vast gain.


If the horse feels a interference in the shoulder-movement this directly affects the possibility to reach ground cover. As a result many bad fitting saddles are the reason for problems and issues like tensions, damaged backmuscles and damaged spines.


Therefore we are developing our saddles with the best experience, knowledge and modernest technology, while using direct feedback from best professional riders.

Our TOP REITER Saddles are equipped with our SoftSwing-Saddletree. The steel spring infused into syntetic material makes our saddletree highly flexible and elastic. Because of this the horse gets the maximum range of mobility and the weight of the rider is optimal dispersed to the horse's back. The wide channel and wide panels enable enough reach of play for the swinging horse's back. Especially for short horses, where the hindquarters affect obviously into the position of the saddle, we need a saddle which does not affect the mobility of the horse's back and supports the movement.


But we are not only looking for the perfect inside of our saddles, moreover also the design has to fit to the customer's option and needs.


To fullfil all these criteria we focus on best quality leather and well-known craftmanship. Our qualified eyes for skill and style leave nothing to be desired.






The centerpiece of the saddle is the saddletree. For this reason its developement and improvement is in our centre of attention. Therefore all TOP REITER Saddles are equipped with our SoftSwing-Saddletree. The modern SoftSwing-Technology is the perfect symbiosis between achieved engineering and highest aspiration of functionality and material. Through the steel spring infused into syntetic material the saddletree is flexible and elastic. As a result the horse gets the maximum range of mobility and the weight of the rider is optimal dispersed to the horse's back.




All of our saddles can be adjusted by an expert of your confidence. By changing the width of the tree we can also react very individual to changes of the horseback and the muscles.




One SoftSwing-Saddletree - countless capabilities!





To give you the maximum range of design flexibility of your saddle, most of our saddles are equipped with the Change-System. So there is any time a different billet placement possible. Although you decided for the V-billet-placement during buying the saddle, the short billet placement or the long billet placement - with the Change-System you have always the possibility to change your billet placement afterwards. By buying sperate girth straps and fixing them yourself you can choose every billet placement you want!


Change System





For the padding of the saddles we are using, depending to the model, a traditional woolpadding or a latexpad. By using syntetic wool for the padding we are avoiding the absorption of any moisture (e.g. water or sweat) into the saddle, as a result a matting or knotting of the wool is avoided. Moreover saddles with woolpadding can be bolstered up afterwards.

The latexpads are pads poured out of foam. These pads are always finding back in their shape. They are extremely soft and flexible, that's why they are giving a very high comfort for the rider and the horse.


Our herbal tanned leather is produced in Europe (mostly in Germany, Italy and the UK). According to the special reprocessing, our leather is very durable and resits to all encumbrances of the equestrian sport and stays in TOP-condition.





We believe in the quality of our handmade saddles, therefore we guarantee for each model. So we are giving a guarantee of 5 years for manufracturing fault on the SoftSwing-Saddletree and aswell 1 year guarantee for any manufracturing fault of the leather.


The period of guarantee is based on the date of the invoice.


The costs for shipping there and back to TOP REITER have to be paid by the customer.


Please contact us in a case of guarantee. You can call us from monday to friday between 8.30 a.m. and 4.30 p.m. at +49 (0) 5034 / 87 01 44. Aswell you can send an email to or use our contact-form.






Each TOP REITER Saddle is tagged by a microship-transponder in accord with ISO-standard with an individual serialnumber. Each number is allocated uniquely worldwide. So in case of a theft your saddle can be explicit identified.


Individual Tree-Width:

Because of our SoftSwing-Saddletree we have the possibility to fit the tree-width individual to your horse. Therefore we can react to changes of the horseback at all times.


Your Wishes:

Do you have special wishes? We are open minded and always trying to find with you the perfect saddle for you and your horse. So just give us a call!


You can call us from monday to friday between 8.00 a.m. and 4.30 p.m. at +49 (0) 5034 / 87 01 44. Aswell you can send an email to or use our contact-form.





This is how you find the perfect saddle for your horse:


Needed materials:

DIN A3 sheet of paper


Wires (e.g. florist's wire - round about 40 cm long)


At the beginning you will have to take the cross-measure at three different points of your horse's back. Start 3 width of a finger behind the scapula - this is the first cross-measure. Thereafter you are going to take the second and the third cross-measure each with an interval of 15 cm to the previous measure.


(If the horse has a very short back the distance between the three measures has to be taken smaller, so that the saddle won't seat behind the last rib!)


You have to form the wires so, that they are lying across the horses back. Try to avoid any hollows between the horseback and the wires. Adjust the wires as described.


Now you have to transfer the wires to the DIN A3 sheet.

Put the wires, as described in the sketch, on the sheet and transfer the inside of the wires with the pen.


Now you are going to take the length-measure with the fourth wire. The fourth wire has to be placed, as described in the scetch, on the spine. Here you should also try to avoid any hollows between the wire and the horseback, The wire should go beyond the positions of the cross-measure. Afterwards you transfer the wire again to the A3 sheet. Please give all the intervals between the wires in "cm".


Done! Now you can send your sketches together with the documents to us!


You can download all needed documents as a PDF here: