The saddle is the linchpin of a successful relationship between horse and rider. Unfortunately, there is no patent solution for a perfectly fitting saddle. Just as with shoes, also saddles should be checked whether they fit the Icelandic horse and rider. 


Therefore our saddleservice in Germany is on the road to help you with words and deeds regarding your saddle questions. Whether you are planning new purchase or check of your current saddle. We offer you a wide range of service, including repairs, adjustments and check-ups.


Of course we are not only active on the road. From adjusting the chamber width, to extensive repairs or custom-made products. Our own saddlery will left nothing to be desired.



Have you found your favourite saddle and want to test it? Just take a look at our testsaddles!

Saddle Service

Are you looking for a perfect fitting saddle or does your recent saddle needs to be checked? Here you can find all information to our saddleservice on location in Germany.

Saddle Information

Here you can find information regarding our philosophy, our saddletrees, our warranty, the materials we use and many more facts.