Saddle Equipment

Saddle Equipment

From stirrups, over girths to gelpads. With our great choice of saddle equipment your are always ready for your next riding out!

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Saddle Pad "TR"

Product no.: SA-DE-BL
28.00 *

Stirrpus "XL", sil.

Product no.: STB-XL-SIL

Our classic stirrups in the XL version

56.00 *
on stock


Product no.: GPAD

available in 3 versions

starting from 90.00 *
on stock

Stirrup Leather "WEBBERS" easy

Product no.: STBR-EASY

perfect for kids!

30.00 *

Stirrups "REGNBOGI"

Product no.: STB-RGN
70.00 *
on stock

Saddlecover "COMFORT"

Product no.: SA-COV-COM

nice, quilted saddlecover with red piping

25.00 *
on stock

Stirrup Insoles

Product no.: STB-EINL
6.00 *
on stock

Girthstrap Protection

Product no.: GU-SCH
6.00 *
on stock

Classic Stirrup Leather

Product no.: STBR-LDR
40.00 *
on stock

Saddlepad "ANTI-SLIP"

Product no.: PAD-AR

ultra lightweight

24.00 *
on stock

Stirrups with horse

Product no.: STB-PFERD-SI
90.00 *
on stock


Product no.: GU-STR
20.00 *
on stock


Product no.: GU-ENTL
starting from 140.00 *
on stock


Product no.: SCHW-RIEM
50.00 *
still on stock

Short Leather Girth w. Elastic

Product no.: GU-LDR

different lenghts

starting from 102.00 *
on stock

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1 - 15 of 23 results