Tournament Clothes

Tournament Clothes

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Riding Leggins "BodyShape", black

Product no.: RL-BS-BL

perfect for summer - with fullseat & high waist

starting from 89.00 *
on stock

Competitionshirt "SKÍMA"

Product no.: TSW-SKÍ

white, functional shirt for competitions

starting from 49.00 *
on stock

Ridingtrousers "MAGIC SHAPE"

Product no.: CL-MS

stunning fit!

starting from 229.00 *
on stock

Ridingtrousers "MAGIC SHAPE" black

Product no.: CL-MS-BL

out of black softshell with stunning fit!

starting from 249.00 *
on stock

Ridingtrousers "MAGIC SHAPE" Light-Softshell

Product no.: CL-MS-LSO-BL

out of black Light-Softshell for an amazing wearcomfort during summer!

starting from 249.00 *
on stock

Competition-Jacket "SÆLA"

Product no.: CL-SL

Competition-Jacket out of Light-Softshell - perfect for summer!

on stock

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